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I've deleted the recent slew of spam and I sincerely hope these images didn't get anyone (especially those who LJ at work) into any trouble.

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ETA2: Situation resolved, the last two pesky posts have been removed. Hopefully we won't have to deal with anything more like this in the future. -Cherry
[Lit] down the rabbit hole

Fic: My heart's racing, and I'm not used to that being a good thing {Simon/Kaylee-- PG}

Title: My heart's racing, and I'm not used to that being a good thing
Fandom: Firefly
Characters/Pairings: Simon/Kaylee, a little bit of River
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Nah, not really. It's set somewhere near the beginning of the series. So erm, awkward Simon? Do we need warning for that?
Word Count: A little bit less that 1400
Summary: She’s never felt more important than under the doctor’s intense stare. Even if it’s just her hand. And with his jaw clenched and hair that she can’t remember ever seeing out of place, her hand is pretty lucky. A visit to the infirmary + Simon's inability to talk to women = this fic.
Author’s Note: Written for zombie_boogie ^_^ And I was sat on it for ages, feeling like a failure, so I just decided to post it. Hope you like it.

Fic: My heart's racing, and I'm not used to that being a good thing

Please, read and review ^_^
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Ad Approved: Fanfiction Awards

Ad Posted WITH Permission Of Moderator! 

If you love writing fanfiction or reading it, then read on, my good folks, 'cause I might know something that'll pique your interest. How would you like to receive awards for your fanfiction? It doesn't matter when you wrote it, only that you wrote it and that it's finished. If you can't write fanfiction or are too shy to, you can still be a judge for the fandom of your liking! Interested yet? Then read on, my good folks, read on!

This forum hosts Fanfiction Awards for any fandom, as long as the fandom has high demand, we've no problem hosting them!

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Wash's Evil Laugh

Serenity Icons & Wallpapers & More

First off, 15 BDM icons (heavy on the Simon) and 1 random Jaynestown


The Rest Are Here, Shiny?

Second Are Serenity Movie Wallpapers

[4] Serenity
[2] Prison Break (Michael & Sara)
[1] King Arthur
[3] Pirates Of The Caribbean 3
[2] Sarah Wayne Callies

Wallpapers Are Here

Last but not least, preview of a Sean Maher WP (Haven't posted the WP yet, but the banner's on my photobucket so I'll share.

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Mal/Simon Ficathon open for claiming

Mal/Simon Ficathon

Okay, so here we are, beginning of June, and 81 prompts to tempt your Mal/Simon muse.

You CAN claim if you didn't prompt.
Prompts are available to claim June 1 - June 30th
Fics should all be posted by July 15th - so the sooner you claim, the longer you have to write. Minimum word count is 500.
FanArt is also accepted and desired if your muse takes you that way.

This way to read the prompts and claim!